Eldeen Expedition

Session 01: Fairmoon Under Siege


Gathered at the Leaping Lizard Tavern in the tiny town of Fairmoon, a group of young friends enjoy the songs of their favorite minstrel, Paul the Sober. No one suspected destiny would come calling today.

Without warning, unstoppible swarms of Giant Ants poured out from underneath the earth and began ransacking the town of all its food stuffs, and even attacking its citizens! After wading into battle to defend the tavern and its patrons, the party made their way through the dangerous streets of the town to rally the people’s defense at the Town Hall and the Church of Dol Arrah. With great effort and teamword, the party was able to call in reinforcements to save the citizens of Fairmoon.

The threat of the Giant Ants had been deflected for the time being, but the swarm would continue eating everything in the area, and would eventually consume everything surrounding Fairmoon.

What could be driving these animals to the surface in their search for food.



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